Cocktail consultancy

Ivardelange.com specialises in cocktail consultancy. What is cocktail consultancy? Since we think it is anything that needs to be done to make you satisfied, we try to do just that. To make you proud of your cocktail concept and to make you proud of your well trained staff. Because that is what works.

Price winning bartenders

Ivardelange.com consists of a team of experienced and price winning bartenders that have been either awarded or accoladed internationally. There is years of experience as bar owners and bartenders. Rather what separates us from the rest in cocktail consultancy though, is our background in psychology and design. We know how to do marketing, we know how to structure your menu  and to get the best selling results. And we know how to design your cocktail menu. Hence that is what we value, a holistic approach to cocktail consultancy.

Our approach

First of all we take time and put effort in getting to know you, and getting to know your needs. That is on us. You won’t be charged for that either. We make a plan with you and we execute it according to your wishes and our expertise. Because this has been very successful for us and for our customers. Especially relevant to us is that there is no one way to go. Every entrepreneur wants something else, and we try to supply that.

Training the staff

Ivardelange.com has years of experience in training. We have been doing workshops and staff training for ever. We have trained over 1000 bartenders in every part of the world. Need we say more?

Product development

We have been working closely with several brands to help them to make the perfect cocktail ingredient. What do bartenders want, and what do bartenders use? We help you getting there. Because we believe that making a product that bartenders love, bartenders will use.

In conclusion: if you want to know more about our services, just take a look at our portfolio.